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Dog Range

Our great range of Calibra Veterinary diets covers all lifestages for your pets.
Starting with our puppy food (up to 3 months old) which has been developed for appropriate growth, it is also suitable for pregnant or lactating bitches.

Calibra Starter & Puppy is a hypoallergenic dry food for puppies. Its complete superpremium recipe is also nutritionally suitable for pregnant and nursing female dogs. This highly digestible food with lamb and a low grain content is specially designed for puppies′ sensitive digestive systems after weaning.

The Junior range comes in small, medium and large breed options and is fed from 3–15 months old. The food ensures optimal growth of young dogs and its composition also assists the proper development of the digestive and immune systems of puppies and young dogs.

The Adult range comes in small, medium and large breed options and is recommended to be fed from 15 months old. The tasty kibbles are adapted to ease the food′s reception. This highly digestible food with chicken or lamb and a low grain content is suitable even for sensitive digestive systems. The various calorie recipes and adaptable feed amounts suit the specific needs of the different breeds.

The Senior range is recommended for older dogs and is rich in joint nutrients for intensive care of the joints and musculoskeletal system of senior dogs. This highly digestible, reduced grain content complete dog food with chicken or duck and is suitable even for the sensitive digestive systems of senior dogs.

Cat Range

Calibra Cat Superpremium is a line of hypoallergenic food with an emphasis on cat’s natural eating habits. The entire line is carefully balanced nutritionally, easily digestible and has a high animal protein content. It is divided into subcategories by function – the division is simple, logical, and offers better orientation in the product line.

Calibra Cat Hypoallergenic diets, covering a cat’s entire lifecycle, from kitten to senior cat. Ask at reception for more information on which food may suit your feline friend.

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